Symbolic meaning

In the ancient culture, a door symbolized a link between the worlds. This is where the tradition to meet guests on the threshold comes from: as a guest, you’re not allowed to come in until the host invites you in. Today, a door is a symbol of protection and safety. By using this multifaceted image, brands can create a variety of association in the minds of their target audience. Versatile and powerful, the image of a door is widely used across industries.

What brands use a door logo

One of the best examples is a logo used by the Beckway Door company. On it, you can see a garage with a closed door. The Ireland-based time café Clockwork Door coupled a door with a clock mechanism. Yellow Door Energy, an accomplished alternative energy company, designed a door consisting of solar panels. The emblem of The Door, an American social organization, features a staircase leading an open door.

What images to choose

Use the image of a closed door to communicate the sense of safety and serenity. An open door stands for new discoveries and exciting opportunities. Think about the design elements you want your image to have. It can be a modern-looking, minimalist door or an older one, with carvings and small windows. Feel free to rely on abstract visuals. For example, a triangle can stand for an open door, while a yellow rectangle can imitate a ray of sunshine shining through the door. The word “door” in your company name gives you even more creative freedom.

What colors to choose

When it comes to a door emblem, no color rules apply. If you think that your corporate color palette will look good on your door logo, go ahead and use it. Booth reserved and vibrant color schemes will do just fine. Many companies opt for warm shades, choosing light yellow, orange, and pink. It’s a great way to make the viewer feel secure and protected.

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