Symbolic meaning

In many cultures, a cross is a commonly used symbol for life, fertility, immortality, and spirit. Plus, it stands for masculinity and is believed to bring wealth and luck. A cross is an ancient symbol that marks the beginning of earthly and celestial worlds as well as space and time. Depending on the context, a cross conveys a variety of admirable qualities, from courage and perseverance to justice and mercy. As the symbol has a rich history, over the years, it has acquired multiple meanings and connotations.

What industries use?

Synonymous with health and life, a cross is often depicted on weapons (shields, knives, etc.), clothes, accessories, and household items. A cross is the cornerstone of the Christian religion. Different forms are used in churches (both Catholic and Orthodox) and other religious establishments. In some countries, heroes and veterans are awarded a Military Cross (e.g., Victoria Cross in Great Britain). Coats of arms feature all kinds of objects, from birds and mountains to skulls and bones. If you ask us, nothing decorates a coat of arms better than a cross.

General information

One knows quite a few symbols of the modern medical science, such as a heart, snake, etc. However, no other medicine-related symbol can hold a candle to a cross in terms of popularity. Two crossing lines have a double meaning, the first one being flame and the second one, suffering. This explains why hospitals and humanitarian organizations (e.g., Red Cross) have chosen a cross to symbolize their mission.

How to choose the right colors?

While pharmacies have opted for a green cross, veterinarian services use a blue one on a white background. Although bearing conservative connotations, a cross can come in different colors. Regardless of the essence of your brand, you can employ any hue you want. Consider using classic shades (white, red, black, blue, etc.) and their variations. For an art studio and other art-related organizations, feel free to use bold color combinations. After all, creativity is all about experimentation!

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