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Symbolic meaning

A warrior image on a logo is a representation of strength and valor, which can put your business in a favorable light.A logo with warrior image used by a martial arts school will attract the customers you need: courageous, goal-oriented, athletic and tough, ready to dedicate their time to physical development. Such logo will also display serious approach to work and reliability, in case the company offers security services. The customers will see you as a professional and request your services.

Christian Warriors Logo
OAK Mountain Academy Warriors Logo
Red Warriors Logo
Save A Warrior Logo

Burberry Logo

What industries use?

A soldierly character is not only a symbol of strength, it also shows your adherence to principles of quality. The logotypes of Holsten and Burberry, for example, symbolize many years of work and devotion to their cause and create a positive impression with the help of a knight image. This is a symbol of honesty, which enhances trust.

Holsten Beer Logo
Golden State Warriors Logo
Holley Street Warrior Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Color choices depending on the goal. Do you want to create an aggressive brand? Add more bright colors and distinct lines, include an image of weaponry, make the character muscular, render the mood of the warrior with mimics. In case you want to emphasize honesty and adherence to principles, exclude the motion and anger and put the knight on guard of your ideals.

Sunwarrior Logo
Utah Warriors Logo
Weekend Warriors Logo
Westmount Warriors Logo

How do I create a warrior logo for my brand?

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Logos created by Logaster

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Warrior Security Logaster Logo
Samurai Logaster Logo
Fist Of The Warrior Logaster Logo
Lone Wolf Logaster Logo
Ninja Logaster Logo
Dragon Logaster Logo
Warrior Forces Logaster Logo
Warrior Logaster Logo
Warrior Shop Logaster Logo
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