General information

Plumber is one of the most in-demand and well-paid occupations. Plumbers install and maintain plumbing systems, repair water supply lines, valves, etc. To be able to survive in a highly competitive market, plumbing companies come up with branded logos, uniforms, vehicles, etc. to make their brand more recognizable and gain trust with potential clients.

What brands use a plumber logo

Grimes Plumbing Company boasts an original and catchy logo. With water drops all around it, the serif letter S in the word “Grimes” looks like a siphon. On the Aqua Plumbing logo, the company abbreviation is made of water pipes. Butterfield Plumbing use a water tap and graphic elements resembling water. A similar visual solution can be found on the emblem of D & S Plumbing Company. The central symbol on the America’s Plumbing Co. logo is a wrench which is a must in any plumber’s toolbox. Plumber Epsom came up with a similar-looking design.

What images to choose

Use the items which are instantly associated with plumbing services, such as water pipes and taps. Plumbing tools, such as wrench, are also a way to go. As additional graphic elements, use water drops, water flow, and other water-related images. On top of that, you can draw a uniformed plumber with a tool in his hand. It will make a great mascot for your company!

What colors to choose

The most obvious color choices include blue (for water), black (for tools), and metallic (for water pipes). These are the top popular shades among plumbing companies. To evoke direct associations, you can use this color palette in your text logo. Another common solution is to pair the main color (blue or grey) with gradients. Black and white palette is always a good idea as well.

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