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Like photography, logo design is art in itself. When creating a logo for your photography business, you need to know the secrets of combining different colors and building a balanced composition. It takes a lot of creativity, professionalism, and patience. Let’s find out how to craft a clever emblem for your photo studio.

What companies use?

In its logo, AlexStudio uses a camera drawn with a few red strokes. A talented photographer Renee Farias based his website logo off his own initials. He opted for a silver sans serif font which gives the emblem a refined and elegant look. Another freelance photographer, Peter Antoine, uses a text-based logo that resembles his own signature.

How to choose the right elements?

Your goal is to identify your business and make it stand out. Go for easily recognizable images, such as camera, lenses, film roll, soft box, etc. Another option is to use the images of kids, female models, buildings, and nature. Also, it might be a good idea to depict a photographer that forms a photo frame with his hands. Photographer’s initials, photo studio name or signature are also great options that never fail to deliver the desired effect.

How to choose the right colors?

The color scheme of your photography logo must convey the personality of your business and transmit the message that you want to send to your potential clients. Feel free the use whatever colors that work for your business. Bold screaming colors or delicate pastel tones? Concise monochrome combination or multi-color palette? The choice is yours! Trust your instincts.

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