Symbolic meaning

The tulip traditionally symbolizes power and beauty. However, these are not the only connotations behind this beautiful flower. It’s also associated with well-being, wealth, spring, self-reliance, patience, and loyalty. A logo with a tulip will suit a variety of businesses, including flower farms, online shops, beauty salons, cafés, delivery services, and even airline companies. With its universally recognized meaning, the image of a tulip can be successfully used by companies across different industries and with different philosophies.

What brands use a tulip logo

One of the most famous examples is the “United Tulip” logo in the form of converging lines that visually resemble a bud. A large airline has used this logo for many years. The tulip is also the national symbol of the Netherlands. In the modern version, the logo has become literal and one of the letters repeats the silhouette of a flower. The combined logo of the “Royal Tulip” hotel chain shows us the silhouette of the bud that is depicted above the letter “Y”. A similar solution was used for the flower farm “The Tulip Company”. Here the name of the company is successfully combined with the image of a tulip on the stem.

What images to choose

A tulip has a recognizable form that evokes quick associations. Think about what part of the flower you’re going to focus on. Just a bud? A whole plant with a bud, stem and leaves? Or several flowers? There are many options. We’ve analyzed plenty of logos and noted that companies tend to choose clean and minimalist illustration of the tulip.

What colors to choose

Tulips come in a huge variety of colors. This allows you to work with a wide range of hues when creating a logo. Most of the time, designers use warm shades of red, pink, and orange. You can go beyond the conventional hues and explore other options. In fact, any color will do, including cold metallic shades. It’s important that your logo remains scalable and legible both in full-color (banners, T-shirts, etc.) and black-and-white print (letterheads, business cards, etc.).

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