Symbolic meaning

Depending on the context, a tree stands for growth, fertility, and unity. In many religions, a green, mighty tree is a symbol of the world’s creation.

What industries use?

Due to its connotations, the image of a tree is an intuitive choice for environment protection organizations. Charity funds and businesses involved with eco-technologies also use this image to build their brand identity. If you’re running an environmental tourism company, you should definitely consider incorporating a tree, flower or plant into your corporate design.

How to choose the right elements?

Trees are directly associated with nature, so make sure your logo looks clean and uncluttered. Leave enough blank space to let your icon “breathe.” If your business has nothing to do with eco trends, you can play around with abstract compositions. (At the same time, be careful not to stuff your design with too many details.) Probably, the most popular tree logo belongs to Timberland, a big clothing and accessories brand. As you can see, having nothing to do with the environmental industry hasn’t stopped Timberland from using a nature-themed icon to build their brand personality. The emblem chosen by Green Labs are also impressive.

How to choose the right colors?

When it comes to choosing the right color scheme, think about nature-inspired hues, such as black, white, green, yellow, and golden. Although catchy and impactful, colors like pink and violet will look inappropriate and may alienate your audience.

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