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Symbolic meaning

Sunflower is a positive symbol. This bright color is associated with love for life and happiness. In the Asian culture, sunflower symbolizes longevity. The ability of a sunflower to follow the sun creates a powerful symbolic meaning that you can use to your advantage. A sunflower logo will is a great choice for an agricultural company, educational institution, charity foundation, psychological support center, hospital, and other organizations.

Sunflower Bank Logo
Living Light Logo
Saigon Hotel Logo
Sunflower Bodywork Logo

Sunflower Foundation Logo

What brands use a sunflower logo

The logo for Sunflower Communities features a cheerful sunflower drawn with a striking precision. The emblem for Sunflower Airlines stands out through its delicacy and softness. As for The Sunflower Foundation that deals with charity, it's only natural that it chose the sunny flower as its branding symbol. In the emblem for Nashville-based Sunflower Café, a sunflower looks like a neat children’s drawing. The project enhanced its sunflower logo with several abstract graphics.

Sunflower Communities Logo
Sunflower Women’s Centre Logo Logo

What images to choose

The most recognizable symbol, an open flower bud, is most often chosen for the logo with the image of a sunflower. The main thing is to preserve the shape and a distinctive seed basket. You can use this symbol to emphasize certain characteristics of the brand. For example, you can add extra details to the central part of the flower.

Sunflower Design Logo
Sunflower Cafe Logo
Sunflower Films Logo
Sunflower Natural Food Logo

Sunflower Therapeutics Logo

What colors to choose

For the most part, sunflower logos feature shades of golden and yellow. They ensure instant recognition and evoke direct associations with the cheerful flower. This is especially important if a sunflower is drawn in sketches, without too many details. If you have a text-based logo, feel free to use the same color scheme for the font. Businesses tend to use 1-3 colors to visually emphasize the main parts of the flower.

Sunflower Project Logo
Sunflower Silicon Logo
The Sunflower Group Logo

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