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Symbolic meaning

The poppy is a symbol of beauty, youth, and charm. The flower also symbolizes optimism and limitless freedom. It is worth mentioning the important symbolic meaning of the flower in international modern culture. The image of the poppy is associated with the memory of the victims of the First and Second World Wars. This element is so common that it is often used only for this purpose. A few brands (mainly agricultural companies) have chosen the poppy for commercial logos. However, at the same time, this creates a great field for experimentation on the part of new companies.

Poppy Hills Logo
Poppies Hair Logo
Poppy Events Logo
Poppy Fotografie Logo

Poppy Scotland Logo

Who uses it?

In a detailed or conditional form, the poppy is present on the logos of memory institutes and museums. It is worn as a badge on days of remembrance. In the same context, the symbol is used by the charity Poppy Scotland. A similar symbolic meaning was used for the logo of The Poppy Factory, which supports war veterans. Poppy Print Studio has a very simple logo: a red spot and a black dot in the center.

The Poppy Factory Logo
Poppy Print Studio Logo
Happy Poppy Logo

Which elements to choose?

A logo with a poppy is primarily an image of a recognizable flower: a bud or petals. A special form provides the correct associations, which allows you to portray the poppy not in detail but symbolically. The image of the flower is included in text logos (for example, replacing letters with it. If the logo is textual, you can add minimalistic symbols (for example, a special center of the bud or the shape of a petal). When creating a commercial logo, it is important to avoid associations with the memory symbol.

Poppy Project Logo
Poppy Lane Logo
Poppy Marketing Logo
Poppy Seeds Logo

Poppy Seeds Modern Logo

Which colors to choose?

Red, yellow, and black are the natural colors of the poppy, so they comprise the main color scheme for most logos with this flower. This is necessary in order to increase the recognition of the image and create quick associations. The same color should be chosen for text logos, especially if they do not have visual elements. Of course, you can use other colors for the logo. However, in this case, it is recommended that you concentrate on a detailed drawing of the symbol, so that the association can be easily determined.

Poppy Street Logo
Red Poppy Design Logo
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