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Symbolic meaning

A pine symbolizes vitality and silence. Being an evergreen tree, it is associated with immortality. In different cultures, it is considered a symbol of fidelity, courage, and perseverance. Now the image of the pine is used to emphasize natural purity, environmental friendliness, and peace. Therefore, a logo with this tree is often used by resort complexes and suburban residential complexes. The logo is also suitable for companies involved in wood processing and furniture production (pine is the most common material for these purposes).

Pine Tree Logo
Evergreen Pines Logo
Long Pine Logo
Pine Cone Systems Logo

Pine Grove Logo

Who uses it?

Many logos use a pine silhouette alone or in combination with the brand name. Similar techniques are used by the Pine Grove marketplace. The Pine Tree Capital logo is very concise: however, the symbol is easily associated with the tree. When developing the Pine Tree Staffing symbolism, the company chose an even simpler depiction: Two green triangles in combination with the name of the company create the necessary associations. Pine Tree Pictures created a similar logo, adding a branch of the tree to the center of the triangle. The Pine Biotech logo uses several lines that form a recognizable silhouette.

Pine Tree Capital Logo
Pine Tree Staffing Logo
Pine Biotech Logo

Which elements to choose?

The distinctive details of this tree are enough: the shape of a tree and crown, needles, and pinecones. Therefore, there are a lot of options for their combinations, which facilitate the path to your ideal logo. In addition, the central image of the tree can be supplemented with elements of the environment or the accents that you need, so that the audience understands who you are and what you do at a glance. A modern approach comes to the surface with conciseness and minimalism. Sometimes a sketch in a few strokes is enough to get an elegant solution and an understandable symbol.

Pinetree Tours Logo
Pine Labs Logo
Pine Needle Logo
Pine Needle Mountaineering Logo

Red Pine Exploration Logo

Which colors to choose?

The pine logo is most often green: shades of the natural colors of pine needles, either lighter or darker. This conclusion can be reached by analyzing the symbols of well-known companies. However, there are other options: light green for the base of the picture and darker for drawing details. Other color options are brand-specific, such as blue, pale blue, golden, etc. For example, a combination of white and blue will help to convey a tree covered in snow.

Pine Tree Pictures Logo
Pine Trees Logo
White Pine Software Logo

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Pine Logaster logo
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