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Symbolic meaning

Palma is a symbol that we associate with warm countries, sea and rest. Black silhouettes of one or several palms on the background of sand and sea is a popular standard. But any logo can be made in a non-standard if you approach with creatively.

Palm Beach Resort Logo
California Pizza Kitchen Logo
Golden Palm Logo
Indian Palm Logo

Discover The Palm Beaches Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Branch, island, hammock, coconuts and umbrellas - all these icons are suitable for the logo. There are many ways to use these signs. You can pin two branches in the form of the required letter. The shape of the coconut is also very easy to replace the necessary oval letters. For tourism, of course, the emblem should be bright and bold: looking at it, people should want to go to the sea. Use yellow, blue, and turquoise shades.

Our Gulf Coast Logo
Sunset Palms Logo
Silver Palm Logo

What companies use?

Gunes Travel used three palms in its logo. On the logo, two trees are on the sandy shore, and the third replaces the letter L. Coco Palm Maldives Resort has used the palm tree as a logo.

Gunes Travel Logo
Desert Empire Logo
Coco Palm Logo
Twisted Palm Villas Logo

Festival De Cannes Logo

What industries use?

But not only the tourist industry wants to attract the attention of customers with the help of this exotic plant. The world-famous brand Festival de Cannes has a sprig of palm trees in its logo. The real estate company Palm Beach Board of REALTORS used the tree completely similar to the New York restaurant the Palm West Side. Manufacturers of exotic products also use the elements of the tree to create a corporate identity.

Palm Beach Logo
Palm Restaurant Logo
West Coast Injury Network Logo

How do I create a palm logo for my brand?

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Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

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