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Symbolic meaning

The flower symbolizes revival, renewal of vital and creative forces. A lotus with white petals is an emblem of spiritual perfection.

Bath Yoga Studio Logo
Lotus Car Rental Logo
Lotus Center Logo
Lotus Chiropractic And Acupuncture Logo

Lotus Lane Literary Logo

What industries use?

This kind of logo is often used by companies in beauty and health industries. It also works well for yoga brands.

Lotus Leaf Logo
Lotus Nanotechnology Logo
Mayasura Cosmetics Logo

What companies use?

An icon with a stylized bud is used by Lotus, a British car manufacturer. An image of an open Lotus is used by British Petroleum.

Lotus Logo
British Petroleum Logo
Lotus Flower Logo
Gold Lotus Logo

Total Health And Wellness Logo

How to choose the right colors?

The flower looks perfect on its own, as well as combined with a light frame of fine lines. Pay attention to gentle colors (white, pink, lemon, blue) to reflect the lightness of a flower, while additions of red or black can shade them.

Queen Lotus Logo
Samsara Yoga Therapy Logo
Lotus Lactation Logo

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