Symbolic meaning

In many cultures, lilies are the most beautiful flowers on earth. They are associated with beauty and purity, sincere love, and mercy. For many years, the lily was (and remains) a sign of the aristocracy—the flower was repeatedly used as a heraldic element. In the modern sense, the lily is primarily an image of beauty. The fame and recognizable silhouette of the flower determined the popularity of its image. Lilies are depicted on the logos of resorts, beauty salons, flower boutiques, psychological support centers, and travel companies. They are also often used in the logo, complementing the name Lily.

Who uses it?

A simple element that visually resembles a petal was chosen for the Bhutan Lilly Travels project. In the Lilly Drogerie logo, the flower symbol is played out due to the multi-colored straight lines located in a semicircle. A flower bud, with one of the petals resembling a female profile, is an original visual solution for the Lilly Women's Health Breast Care Center. The symbolic image of the bud forms the basis of the logo of the brand Lilly Ventures, owned by LV Management Group.

Which elements to choose?

Any details that create visual associations with the flower are suitable for a logo with the image of a lily. These are images of a bud, a bouquet, or a petal. The level of detail can be different; it depends on the key message that must be conveyed and on the style of the brand. The popularity of the lily has made all the elements recognizable, so you can depict them schematically: for example, combining the names with the font. If necessary, you can also focus on the heraldic symbol of the lily, which is also well recognized.

Which colors to choose?

When developing a lily logo, you can focus on the natural colors of buds. These are primarily white and shades of pink, yellow, red, and purple. If there is no need to repeat natural colors, you can choose any color suitable for the logo, including depicting the symbol in black and white, silver, and golden tones. If the name of the company contains the word “lily,” recommendations for choosing a color scheme are even more universal, and the most daring experiments are allowed.

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