Symbolic meaning

Lavender stands for serenity and peace, relaxation and rest, freshness and purity. This plant is also associated with peace of mind, inner balance, harmony, and nostalgia. The beautiful color made lavender a symbol of love, charm, and sophistication. Lavender logos are widely used by different brands, including lavender farms, cafés, beauty shops, manufacturers of aromatic oils, and even HR companies. When creating a lavender logo, make sure your design is consistent with your brand’s visual style and philosophy.

Lavander House Logo
Lavander Charm Logo
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Hope Hill Logo

What brands use a lavender logo

Lavender logos are often used by dedicated farms that specialize in growing this beautiful plant. An elegant emblem for Victor's Lavender is a great example of a neat and clean design. A similar visual solution is used by Lavender Ranch. In the logo for Hope Hill Lavender Farm, you can see lavender flowers inside a horseshoe. The logo for Lavender Bistro is a sketchy yet easily recognizable image. The wedding agency Love and Lavender uses a powerful purple color which creates an instant connection with the brand name.

Victor's Lavender Logo
Lavender Ranch Logo
Love and Lavender Logo

What images to choose

Lavender is a typical decoration in Provence-style interiors. However, interior design is not the only industry where lavender can work miracles. Businesses are widely using this mesmerizing flower in their corporate branding. You can enhance your logo with one elegant flower or entire bouquet. It’s your call! The flower’s long stalks and delicate buds can be aptly combined with letters in your brand name. For a more profound effect, feel free to add green twigs, leaves, and other nature-related items.

Lavender Falls Logo
Lavander Cove Logo
Lavander Festival Logo
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What colors to choose

The answer is obvious: use the natural colors of lavender. These shades of lilac with a pink undertone range from very light to medium. In addition, you can use shades of green that imitate foliage. It’s a great way to accentuate the main color. White, gold, and turquoise are also good options. If you’re having doubts, combinations of natural colors are always a way to go!

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