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Before becoming a part of the orchestra, a trumpet performed a warning function. This instrument dates back to more than 5,000 years ago. Nowadays, a trumpet is associated with a loud, well-recognized sound that it produces. By using a trumpet on a logo, a company can emphasize its standing, attract attention, and build the right image. A trumpet logo will be a great choice for a variety of brands, from advertising agencies to transportation companies.

What brands use a trumpet logo

On the logo used by Trumpet Inc, letter “T” looks like a real-life trumpet. Trumpet Marketing Group used a similar approach, stylizing the last letter in its name to resemble the instrument. The logo of Trumpet Vine Catering features a flower that looks like a real-life trumpet. The family apparel brand Trumpet (Brazil) uses a simple and concise drawing of a trumpet. Another great example is a logo used by Trumpet, a major website monitoring service. It features an impressive trumpet-shaped shell.

What images to choose

Feel free to use the parts that make the musical instrument, e.g. bell, valves, etc. You can use these elements as standalone images or combine them with text. If your company name contains the word “trumpet”, you can explore an abstract visual concept. For example, it's a good idea to stylize one of the letters as a trumpet bell and add lines standing for a sound coming from the instrument.

What colors to choose

Trumpets are mostly made of copper. When choosing the best color for your logo, opt for shades resembling the color of copper. Don’t worry! This is not your only color choice. In fact, such a powerful musical instrument as trumpet will look good in any shade. You can invent a variety of color schemes, from the modest black and white palette to screaming shades. For text-based and combination emblems, businesses mostly use black, white, and blue.

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