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Symbolic meaning

Tongue as a symbolism should be selected carefully and taking into account the culture of the countries in which the company will operate. For example, the Chinese can stick out his tongue, if he is very frightened and surprised, but the French and Italians will see an expression of mild irony in this logo.

Native Tongue Logo
Alberts Logo
Aqua Tongue Logo
Black Tongue Logo

Pepsi Logo

What companies use?

The most famous image is the lips with the tongue, which is the logo of the Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger, according to one version, took that from the French when they teased him. The Pepsi emblem, which was modernized at the end of the last century, also demonstrates the tip of the white language framed by the blue-red background. Such types of emblems are also used by medical institutions that are engaged in the treatment of oral organs of early orthodontic centers.

Early Orthodontic Logo
Rolling Stones Logo
Purple Tongue Logo

How to choose the right elements?

The lips can serve as the frame of the emblem, but it can also be placed in an oval or circle. Try to avoid only rectangular figures, as they can create a sense of disharmony.

Tongue Storm Logo
Blue Tongue Logo
Horse Tongue Logo
Native Tongues Logo

Check Your Mouth Logo

How to choose the right colors?

Traditional colors are red or saturated pink, although it all depends on the designer himself. In the cases of the game theme, you can place several different colors (blue, red, green), using black for drawing. Emblems of this kind look creative, so there are no restrictions in color solutions.

Snake Tongue Logo
Tongue Trip Logo
Tongue Twister Logo

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Fire Tongue Logaster Logo
Baby Shop Logaster Logo
Tonguely Logaster Logo
Uvuuli Logaster Logo
Joker Logaster Logo
Kiss Me Logaster Logo
Make Up Logaster Logo
Mouth Logaster Logo
Cheek Logaster Logo
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