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The US post-war youth strived for freedom, movement, and new things. The term “Rock 'n' Roll” was coined and promoted by the radio DJ Alan Fried. The breakthrough music genre captured the minds and hearts of the younger generation. Despite strong critique and even bans, rock’n’roll continued to transform the culture scene. Nowadays, rock’n’roll is considered the progenitor of all rock genres. Rock’n’roll emblems are used for branding concert halls, music festivals, stores, and music bands.

Bingo Rock and Roll Logo
Classic Rock Radio Logo
Pickleball Rock and Roll Logo
Rock and Roll Bar Logo

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Logo

What brands use a rock’n’roll logo

Perhaps, the most famous example is the striking logo for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This iconic museum has several trademarks. The most famous one is the image of the neck of a guitar, the most popular rock’n’roll instrument. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series uses a text-based logo with a catchy custom font. In the logo for the legendary Hard Rock Cafe, the brand name is put inside an oval. Another successful example of rock’n’roll branding is the emblem for the Greek restaurant Rock ‘n’ Roll Athens.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series Logo
Hard Rock Cafe Logo
Rock ‘n’ Roll Athens Logo

What images to choose

When creating a rock’n’roll logo, you can use a myriad of powerful images, e.g. guitar and its parts, microphone, record, and the like. You also can use the silhouette of a signer performing classic rock’n’roll moves. If you have your eyes on a land-based logo, choose a font that gives off the 50s vibes.

Driving Rock and Roll Logo
Guitar Rock and Roll Logo
Rock and Roll Logo
Rock and Roll Logo

Rock and Roll Old Time Logo

What colors to choose

To compose the appropriate color palette for rock’n’roll, look at the fashion trends of the time. It was a magical time when no rules applied. Girls in bright dresses and boys in reserved black and white suits. This gives you a complete freedom to use whatever hues you like! If you have a text-based emblem, try neon colors. The black color is also a great option that never fails to enhance an artwork. With it, your emblem will give off vinyl record vibes.

Rock and Roll Logo
Rocknroll Logo
Tequila Rock and Roll Logo

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Logaster logo
Rock ‘n’ Roll Logaster logo
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