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Did you know that the prototype for the modern piano was a much smaller instrument that took up less space and was only used indoors? When you hear the word “piano”, you think about classics, tradition, reliability, and beautiful aesthetics. It would be a mistake to think that piano logos are only used by piano manufacturers, music schools, and concert halls. This image is also popular among IT companies, artistic communities, social organizations, and entertainment venues.

What brands use a piano logo

In the logo for Charles Novell School of Music, you can the signature of its founder paired with an elegant piano. Petrof, which is among Europe’s largest and oldest piano manufacturers, drew inspiration from ancient coats of arms. Its emblem features a shield and a crown, plus a neat monogram written on the piano keyboard. The Steingraeber and Söhne brand uses a similar solution, only this time a keyboard acts as the central element of the design. The music school Piano Power designed a mesmerizing pattern consisting of black and white piano keys.

What images to choose

Keys are, hands down, the most recognizable part of a piano. Clean and straightforward, they create instant association with the musical instrument. Your drawing can be elaborate or sketchy. The choice is yours. It’s a great idea to complement piano keys with geometric shapes, such as circle, square, etc. A refined piano cover is another image that can enhance your branding. Other common graphics at your disposal include musical notes, scores, treble clefs, and the like. By seeing one of these images, a viewer will be able to unmistakeable identify your industry.

What colors to choose

The timeless black and white palette will never go out of style. It’s the most obvious color choice for a piano emblem. At the same time, many brands challenge the established rules and use saturated shades, such as light blue, green, yellow, and orange. Who said a piano can't be colorful? Since the easily identifiable shape of a piano allows you to play around with colors, it would be a shame not to grab this opportunity!

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