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General information

Microphone, or mic, is a device which is used to record sounds. It’s hard to find the modern entertainment landscape that could do without this versatile gadget. Microphones are used across a variety of creative industries, from theatre to TV and radio. A microphone is widely associated with celebration, good memories, and vibrant emotions. It’s no surprise that many brands exploit the image of a microphone in their logos. By looking at a mic logo, a viewer will unmistakably identify the industry you’re engaged in.

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What brands use a microphone logo

A mic logo is an ideal choice for companies working in show business and mass media scene. Some of the examples include sound recording studios, event agencies, music labels, radio stations, and the like. A mic emblem is a neat choice for individual shows and events. Also, this symbol can be used by karaoke bars and companies producing sound and stage equipment. If you’re organizing a singing contest or head a musicians’ community, a microphone will become a great image to build your brand identity upon.

Mad Dog Radio Logo
Mic Sun Logo
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What images to use

The good news is that a microphone has a very recognizable silhouette. Most of the time, companies use the images of a stand microphone which is used for sound recording in professional studios. Drawing a manual mic is also a good idea. Here is a smart design technique. If your company name includes letter I, you could add a “head” and wire to it make it look like a microphone! You can enhance your emblem with additional images associated with your line of work, such as radio waves, spot lamp, star, etc.

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What colors to use

Since a microphone is a widely recognizable symbol, feel free to use any colors in your logo. Your corporate shades - whatever they are - will do just fine. While show organizers prefer vivid emblems, manufacturers of sound equipment tend to stick to a reserved black and white palette. For the microphone itself, use shades of black, white, and grey. If your logo features other elements as well, you can add contrast by using brighter hues for them.

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