General information

Jazz is a music genre that emerged at the dawn of the XXth century. Since then, it has become an essential part of the modern cultural set, giving origin to other music genres. Jazz is known for its unique rhythms which are traced to the African culture. Improvisation is probably one of the most distinctive features of jazz. The ability to improvise testifies to the professionalism and creativity of a musician. Jazz stands for courage, self-confidence, and idealism. Be sure to rely on these qualities when creating a jazz logo for your festival, concert hall, or musical instruments store.

What brands use a jazz logo

Musicians are not the only ones using jazz-themed logos. For example, the logo for NBA Utah Jazz team features an elegant musical note. The text logo for Air Canada Jazz Airlines boasts an impressive improvisational style. In the emblem for Bulle Jazz Festival, you can see a complete set of jazz instruments. The corporate symbol for Dr.Jazz is the saxophone, an essential instrument in jazz improvisations. A similar solution is used by Lava Jazz.

What images to choose

Featuring a musical instrument in our logo is a beeline to success. It can be a saxophone, guitar, trumpet, double bass, piano, etc. Also, you can explore other music-related icons, such as a gramophone, musician in an elegant old-fashioned suit, dancer, microphone, and the like. Relying on abstract graphics is always a smart solution that characterizes your brand as a powerful and creative.

What colors to choose

Jazz is the embodiment of freedom and honesty. These connotations influence the color palette of jazz logos. You can go from the time-tested black and white gamut all the way to rich, vibrant shades. The jazz theme goes well with shades of purple, dark blue, and black. Also, feel free to play around with neon shades that make you think about bar and café signages. Here is another smart idea. How about painting a rainbow that flows out of a saxophone bell?

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