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Symbolic meaning

Harp is known for its pure and idyllic sounding. Across different mythologies, a harp was considered the instrument of gods. It’s associated with global harmony and viewed as a “bridge” between the mundane and divine worlds. In the modern culture, a harp stands for an ideal harmony and visual beauty. Thanks to its symbolic meaning, a harp can be successfully used across a variety of organizations, including airline companies, private schools, and social organizations.

Golden Harp Logo
Amour Harpe Logo
Government Of Ireland Logo
Harp Dentist Logo

Guinness Logo

What brands use a harp logo

Guiness, a major beer brand, uses a golden harp which looks a lot like the one on the coat of arms of Ireland. Harp Ceramics designed a stylized image of the musical instrument. Ryanair, a world-known airline company based in Dublin, uses the image of the traditional Irish harp. The logotype of Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme features harp strings incorporated between the letters. It’s an elegant nod to the abbreviated name of the organization, HARP.

Harp Ceramics Logo
Ryanair Logo
Humanitarian Assistance And Resilience Programme Logo

What images to choose

Companies rely on the easily recognized silhouette of a harp. As for harp strings, you can use them as the main or additional visual element on your emblem. Free free to opt for an graphic-based logo or combination mark. If you choose a text-based logo (logotype), consider adding graphic elements for a better brand recognition and uniqueness. For example, it might be a good idea to add harp strings to one of the letters or replace a letter with a harp. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with abstract images that suit your industry and brand.

Sunbeam Harp Logo
Harp Owl Logo
Harps North West Logo
Harp Studio Logo

Harp Lager Logo

What colors to choose

When composing the optimal color palette for your harp logo, think about the message you want to communicate to your target audience through your emblem. For example, use shades of green to transcend harmony and peace. Also, feel free to play around with other hues, such as white, golden, orange, yellow, blue, etc. As for the golden color, you should be careful so as to avoid associations with the renowned brand. If you're working on a combination mark, give preference to white, green, silver, and black.

Harp Zurich Logo
Musical Harp Logo
Music Store Harp Logo

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Love And Music Logaster logo
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