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Guitar is, hands down, among the most popular musical instruments of all time. It has become a symbol of street music. Nowadays, more and more people, both teenages and adults, are learning how to play this musical instrument, making the global guitar community grow and prosper. Guitar owes its popularity to the breathtaking development of blues, rock and roll, and similar music genres. Versatile and universally recognizable, guitar emblems are used by manufacturers of musical instrument, record labels, music schools, radio stations, music stores, and many other businesses.

Bohemian Guitars Logo
Guitar Empire Logo
Guitar Girl Magazine Logo
Guitar Shop Logo

Guitar Center Logo

What brands use a guitar logo

The well-known logo for the Guitar Center features an acoustic guitar that replaces the first letter in the brand name. The One Lucky Guitar logo resembles a coat of arms. It brings together a company abbreviation and beautiful image of a guitar. Another smart example of a combination mark is the logo for Austin Classical Guitar. The company name CHARVEL is designed in the form of a custom guitar. The signature symbol for Guitar Girl Magazine is the neck of an electric guitar.

One Lucky Guitar Logo
Austin Classical Guitar Logo
Charvel Guitars Logo

What images to choose

When it comes to guitar-themed designs, the collection of icons is truly stunning. You can use the image of an entire instrument or its individual parts, e.g. strings, neck, tuner, etc. Feel free to create an elaborate or sketchy drawing. It all depends on the personality of your brand and the message you want to send to your target audience. Thanks to its recognizable shape, a guitar is easily incorporated into text. For example, you can use it to substitute one of the letters in your business name.

Maestro Guitars Logo
Huss Dalton Guitar Logo
Kingsgrove Logo
Portland Guitar Logo

Rhythm Guitar Logo

What colors to choose

A guitar logo goes well with a variety of colors. The recognizable silhouette gives you the freedom to experiment with shades. Modern brands tend to stick with 1-2 main colors, mostly black and red. A black and white gamut is another popular choice. If you own or manage a children’s music school, go ahead and explore a whole gamut of colors to create the right mood.

Tour Guitar Workshop Logo
Stevenson Music Logo
Socteto Sicaru Logo

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Logos created by Logaster

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Rock Star Superhero Logaster Logo
Guitar City Logaster logo
Pixel Sound Logaster logo
Pro Courses Logaster logo
Repair Instrument Logaster logo
Shark Guitars Logaster logo
String Logaster logo
Temple Guitar Logaster logo
X Rays Logaster logo
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