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General information

The distinctive image of a drum has been used in art for centuries. It’s no secret that it has inspired many brands to create original and memorable logos. Businesses use drums to emphasize a variety of qualities and values, such as reliability, creativity, and individual approach. Agencies, music studios, schools, and music festivals use drums to enhance their visual branding and stress their fortes.

Drum Professor Logo
Beatles Logo
Bobby Drum Logo
Corey Colmey Logo

Drum Team Collective Logo

What brands use a drum logo

Drum Agency boasts a concise yet prominent logo. In it, the company name is put inside a circle that resembles the shape of a drum A similar visual solution is used by the advertising agency The Lake Drum Brewing brand also relies on the powerful symbolism of a circle. In the Drum Cafe logo, you can see several tom-toms against the African backdrop. The logo for Drum Team Collective features drum and sticks paired with the business name. Another business, Drum Internet.UK, uses a clean illustration of the musical instrument.

Drum Agency Logo
Drum Co Logo
Drum Cafe Logo

What images to choose

To make your emblem legible and catchy, focus on recognizable parts of the musical instrument. It can an entire drum or just drumsticks. If you have a geometry-based logo, go for a circle which creates instant associations with drums. It might be nice to use a percussion instrument characteristic for a particular culture, e.g. African djembe, French tambourines, Korean beeches, and Cuban bongos, etc.

Top Secret Drum Logo
Drum Internet Uk Logo
Drummer Logo
Drum Rock Roll Logo

Drum Coffee Logo

What colors to choose

When it comes to a drum logo, there are no one-fits-all color rule. Feel free to use your corporate platte or switch to other shades to create a new meaning. Nowadays, most businesses use 1-2 colors in their branding. On top of that, they use gradients to create striking visual effects and breath life into their designs. Thanks to the instinctively recognizable shape of a drum, you can channel your inner artist and explore unusual color combinations.

Drum Up Logo
Gretsch Drums Logo
Keep Calm And Rlrrlrll Logo

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Rock 4 Ever Logaster Logo
Bass Logaster logo
Beach Party Logaster logo
Boss Drum Logaster logo
Davul Sound Logaster logo
Drum Bell Logaster logo
Drum Kit Logaster logo
Drum Whirlpool Logaster logo
Super Drum Cake Logaster logo
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