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As one of the movie heroes said, “Blues is when a good person feels bad.” This music conveys of wide spectrum of emotional experiences, from joy to sadness. It’s is often lyrical, and is sometimes characterized by self-irony and satire. It’s a known fact that blues originated from African voodoo rituals. From the very start, blues has been going hand in hand with jazz, influencing a variety of music styles along the way. With its rich and vibrant history, blues becomes a powerful inspiration for unique branding.

Blues Society Virginia Logo
Blues in The Gorge Logo
Blues Montreal Logo
Central Iowa Blues Logo

Notodden Blues Festival Logo

What brands use blues logos

In the logo for the House of Blue, you can see the brand name with a burning heart in the center. Moody Blues enhanced its text-based logos with classic graphics. The Blues Foundation logo features a musician inside a frame. The Notodden Blues Festival opted for a combination mark with the recognizable image of a microphone.

House of Blues Logo
Moody Blues Logo
The Blues Foundation Logo

What images to choose

Blues is a fairly old music genre. To emphasize the power of traditions, you can use a variety of music-related images, including a guitar, harmonica, microphone, guitarist, record, road, etc. Illustrations must be clean and concise. For example, it takes just a few lines to draw a recognizable silhouette of a guitar. Many brands opt for text-based emblems, making them look like outdoor signages from the beginning of the XXth century.

Blues Street Cafe Logo
Houston Blues Society Blues Jam Logo
Oskar Blues Logo
St Louis Blues Logo

Sweet Blues Logo

What colors to choose

The word “blue” in the name of the music genre leave no doubts as to what color to focus on. Apart from various shades of blue, consider using the classic black and white scheme. Other combinations are also possible. For example, you can explore neon shades that allude to night bar signs. Adjust your color palette to the blues style that fits your brand. For example, the New Orleans blues, which was influenced by the passionate Caribbean rhythms, is associated with intense colors. Country blues, on the contrary, evokes associations with warm and soft hues. When working on your emblem, think about the emotions that you want your branding to transcend.

Blues Logo
Chicago Blues Logo
Hall of Fame Blues Logo

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Blues Baby Logaster logo
Blues Club Logaster logo
Blues Fest Logaster logo
Blues Logaster logo
Bluesman Logaster logo
Blues Marathon Logaster logo
Blues Voice Logaster logo
Quiet Guitar Logaster logo
Radio Blues Logaster logo
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