General information

If the surgeon begins a private practice, he/she must highlight competitive advantages and create his/her own brand. The surgeon's logo is a visual technique that emphasizes the doctor’s famous name or the specifics of his/her activity. If you analyze the niche, you will find that private plastic surgeons are most in-demand among the audience. To stand out in this segment, it is important to have distinctive branding elements, including a unique logo.

Who uses it?

The logo of the Plastic Surgery Specialists organization is a drawing of a person’s head and hand. For the Sports Surgery Clinic logo, a silhouette of a running man was drawn. Touch Surgery Interactive Training Site uses a fingerprint-like design as a corporate symbol. The Surgery Partners corporate sign depicts a medical cross made up of several geometric elements. A concise drawing of a female figure is on the logo of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

Which elements to choose?

The choice of visual details for the surgeon's logo is influenced by the specifics of the doctor's activities. For example, an emphasis on a perfect figure is suitable for a specialist in aesthetic surgery. If you need a common symbol, you can create a text logo based on the name and surname of the doctor. Many elements can indicate the specifics of the surgeon, but they must be used with caution. For example, a scalpel or clip on the logo can look either elegant and appropriate, or repulsive, causing unpleasant associations. It is better to use a neutral image: for example, the silhouette of a man in medical clothing.

General recommendations

If you are a surgeon in a specific area, you should represent this in your corporate sign. For example, spinal surgery specialists can add a smooth bend, even in a text logo. A cardiologist-surgeon may make the central motor of our body the central element of the logo. If you find it difficult to make a choice or need a more general meaning, refer to the classical symbols of medicine: the staff of Asclepius, outstretched or protective hands, the silhouette of a doctor in a mask, etc.

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