Symbolic meaning

A pill on a logo symbolizes its direct function: the elimination of negative feelings and the fight with disease. It is associated with quick relief from suffering, and with the hope of quick and complete recovery. If we analyze the meaning of the symbol more deeply, we find that the image of the pill represents a change in condition: the transformation of a sick person into a healthy one. Given this, a pill is almost always depicted on the logos of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and other specialized medical institutions.

Who uses it?

An unusual colored capsule is the logo of Major Medical Solutions, which specializes in the supply of products in the field of aesthetic medicine. The logo of the Pill Reminder Service was created by combining the symbols of the “cloud” of the message and the red-and-white pill. The logo for Pill Creative Studio combines the name and image of the halves of an open capsule.

Which elements to choose?

Logos use an image of an oblong capsule or a classic round pill with a center divider. Sometimes images are “humanized” and turned into characters. These informal solutions are suitable for pharmacies and websites selling vitamins or dietary supplements. Pharmaceutical companies should choose classic image options. The image of a pill can be combined with other symbols: the line of a cardiogram, the silhouette of an internal organ, etc. If necessary, you can depict pills in a jar or in a blister package.

General recommendations

It is possible to create a unique logo with a pill, despite the seemingly limited symbolism. To do this, you can supplement the familiar image of the drug with other suitable elements or highlight it using color. There are no restrictions: You can experiment with any color schemes and backgrounds. If the logo depicts a capsule, different colors are often selected for its halves. You can complement the image with accents. For example, you can emphasize an environmentally friendly composition with a green leaf or a sprout pattern.

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