General information

An eye-catching nurse logo is the first step towards creating a positive image of a healthcare services company. A picture of a woman in a uniform is more attractive than the classic healthcare symbol – a snake. Moreover, this image truly represents the company’s field of activity.

Nurse At Your Door Logo
Access Nursing Logo
America's Greatest School Nurse Logo
Hunter Bellevue Logo

Nurse Family Partnership Logo

What industries use?

An illustration of a medical worker is an optimal choice of emblem for healthcare institutions such as hospitals, private clinics, beauty offices and pharmaceutical facilities. The logo can be placed on signs, the official website, letterheads, business cards and various advertising products.

Kid Nurse Logo
Nursing Personnel Logo

How to choose the right colors?

For this logo, we recommend a symmetric shape and the use of red or blue. These colors are associated with highly skilled professional medical assistance. Field-specific private clinics (for instance, dental clinics) can use other colors as well (e.g., green, purple or yellow).

Rainbow Nursing Logo
Reliable Nursing Solutions Logo
School Nursing Logo
Vet Nurse Logo

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Nurse Help Logaster Logo
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Emergency Nurse Logaster Logo
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Nursing Agency Logaster Logo
Pediatric Nurse Logaster Logo
Registered Nurse Logaster Logo
Veterinary Nurse Logaster Logo

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