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General information

Branding a private or public clinic is a necessary step to work in modern competitive conditions. The logo of a medical institution increases recognition, demonstrates the main specialization, and creates the necessary associations. Logos are created for multidisciplinary medical institutions, hospitals, specialized clinics (including veterinary ones), and private medical offices. The symbol can solve additional tasks: for example, to calm and establish a good environment (this is especially important for the logo for a children's medical institution).

Carilion Clinic Logo
Broadway Central Logo
Care Clinic Logo
Conway Animal Clinic Logo

Marshfield Clinic Logo

Who uses it?

Asclepius's staff is The London Clinic’s logo. A reputable institution has chosen one of the most traditional and recognizable medical symbols. The red cross and the silhouettes of three reeds against the background form the corporate sign of the Marshfield Clinic Health System. Two intertwined snakes (as on the staff of Asclepius) are depicted on the logo of the Dubai London Clinic. The medical cross, in the center of which stylized silhouettes of two adults and a child are depicted, is the logo for the clinic, which is part of Redpath Family Pharmacy.

The London Clinic Logo
Dubai London Clinic Logo
Redpath Family Pharmacy Logo

Which elements to choose?

A clinic logo can directly indicate its professional direction, containing traditional medical symbols or abstractions with a certain meaning. The heart, cross, bowl of Hygieia, and cardiogram line are standard elements of a medical logo. Dental logos often have a tooth silhouette. Veterinary logos often experiment with animal silhouettes and apply details that are associated with hope and renewal, such as tree leaves, sprouts, or the sun.

Mcleod Clinic Logo
Dental Clinic Logo
Family Health Care Clinic Logo
Family Medical Clinic Logo

Cleveland Clinic Logo

Which colors to choose?

Clinic logo colors are usually calm and often include shades of green, yellow, pale blue, and blue. The colors must create a sense of calm, security, and peace. Therefore, the logo can use a gamut of warm hues, without flashy, bright, or deep, dark shades. Black-and-white logos are also common. They look good on the official letterhead of a medical institution. However, for signboards, business cards, websites, and so on, it is better to create a full-color logo.

Heartland Clinic Logo
Mayo Clinic Logo
The Clinic Logo

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Health Dispensary Logaster logo
Military Hospital Logaster logo
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Rehabilitation Logaster logo
University Clinic Logaster logo
Veterinary Logaster logo
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