General information

Telecommunication sector is among the world’s fastest-growing industries. Telecom logos convey the ideas of progress, innovative development, speed, accuracy, and technological supremacy. Also, they symbolize a global outreach because modern telecommunications provide people with access to content all around the world.

What companies use?

In the AT&T logo, you can see the image of planet Earth. A similar visual solution is used by the major telecom company América Móvil. The Vodafone brand has a bright and concise emblem with an opening quotation mark that stands for a beginning conversation. The main color of the emblem is red, the universal color of positive emotions and attention. The logo for Deutsche Telekom incorporates letter T enhanced with four dots. It’s a minimalist and smart way to visualize a signal that brings people closer to each other.

How to choose the right elements?

Your choice of graphic elements is mostly determined by your company’s niche, backstory, mission, values, etc. Most telecom companies rely on abstract illustrations to reflect their brand personality. Some businesses choose the image of the globe as it stands for international communication, inclusiveness, and innovative technologies that enable people to get in touch with each other. Another common branding choice in the telecom sector is text-based logos with custom fonts.

How to choose the right colors?

When composing a color scheme for your telecom logo, think about the message that you want to encrypt into your design. To convey emotions, use bright shades. To translate your company’s values, go for reserved, serene colors. Metallic and dark hues are good at drawing attention to the high-tech side of your business. What are the main things that you want your potential clients to know about your company? This is where you’ll need the knowledge of color psychology, i.e. how we perceive different colors on a subconscious level.

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