General information

When developing the logos of a radio station one rarely resorts to the use of waves, towers or radios. Practically all stations are using their original names transmitting ideas by means of different images and styling of fonts. Some radio stations use a beep or microphone as an icon or focus on the musical direction.

How to choose the right elements?

It is appropriate to put on the logo with icons of radio tower or device to those who are engaged in the sale of radio equipment. In this case, another variant of the images used for such brand marks is the image of waves. They will look most successful in combination with the text. Radio or a tower can be part of the design of the logo, which is based on the name. Images should be easily recognizable, so do not resort to bulky pictures, it is better to choose the contour icons in the vector. As for the sound waves and signals, they can become not only the emblem but also replace the letters in the title.

How to choose the right colors?

Logo with the image of radio equipment should be developed in strict colors: burgundy, blue, gray in combination with black. If you want to create a color accent, it is better to make a background fill. If you are creating a logo for entertainment stations, you can use any colors that are characteristic of the name.

What companies use?

American Radio Light Music Chilltrax uses a text logo, the American radio Danz represents the silhouette of a girl on the background of soundtracks, Greek Hot Fm transmits its heat to the fire. When using text in the title you need to work on font readability, you can even put each letter in a separate block, as did the BBC radio.

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