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Filmmaking is a huge industry. Film studios produce amazing movies that gain millions of fans, turning into iconic pieces of art. Films gives us a unique opportunity to explore a completely different world and experience vibrant emotions. Think about it when designing a film-themed emblem. Film logos are used by film studios, acting schools, restaurants, cafés, and other businesses that have to do with the industry.

What brands use a film logo

Since film logos are displayed at the beginning of opening credits, the international audience know them like the back of their hand. Think about the iconic lion in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo or the Pixar lamp! And of course, you know the Paramount Pictures emblem, with bright stars lining up above the mountain peak! Other globally known designs include the Ghostbusters sign, the Jurassic Park tyrannosaurus, the visual signs for Superman, Batman, and the Marvel Avengers franchise.

What images to choose

When it comes film logos, there are no cookie-cutter rules or tips. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Unique ideas are valued above everything else. For a cinema or café logo, you can use a roll of film, frame, lenses, or entire camera. When working on the symbol for a film studio, focus on your company’s advantages, mission, and value. If you're crafting a logo for particular movie, you draw creative ideas from its characters and plot.

What colors to choose

The current trend is using main 1-2 colors or gradients. Stick with minimalist color schemes. If you overdo it with colors, you risk ending up with an amateurish emblem that won't be taken seriously. If we’re talking about a logo for a movie, consider painting your movie name in white or silver and putting it against a black background.

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