General recommendations

A logo for wine is not only a part of the brand. It is an opportunity to tell a new buyer why the product is unique, as well as why it is worth buying and trying. The wine logo emphasizes the individuality of the manufacturer against the backdrop of very intense competition. The symbol is present on every wine label and is part of a single concept. A successful logo creates the necessary associations for customers. It attracts and informs them, and reflects the core values ​​of the manufacturer.

Who uses it?

The Robert Mondavi brand uses a logo with the outlines of a classic winery, which symbolizes respect for tradition and the recipe. The logo of the family winery Gallo depicts the outlines of two roosters’ heads. In this case, there is an allusion to the founders’ surname (Gallo means rooster). The central symbol of the Barefoot wine brand is the footprint. This is a direct association with the traditional way of making wine: crushing grapes with bare feet. There is a wallaby kangaroo on the logo of the Australian wine Yellow Tail. It's a symbol of the rejection of monograms, family emblems, and other traditional attributes of labels.

Symbolic meaning

All wine logos can be divided into five categories. The traditional ones are emblems, monograms and initials, serifs, and grape leaves. Vintage is a modern look at classic logos with more flexible visual solutions. A whole category of logos is based on the grape. Logos with surnames or national symbols are also popular. They can also be characterized by visual puns and unusual characters. Unique effects and a complete rejection of classical symbols are in the center of the modern wines category. Abstractions play the main role here.

Which colors to choose?

One of the solutions is to use a shade characterizing the drink as the main color. For example, choose red shades for red wine and so on. The choice of the logo’s type is also very important. A traditional logo is characterized by dark, deep colors. Logos with unusual characters, as well as modern logos, emphasize bright, attractive colors. They are clearly visible against the background of the classic, emphasizing the innovativeness of the manufacturer. The most common base colors for wines’ and winemakers’ symbols are red, gold, black, yellow, and the whole range of their shades.

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