General information

Tequila is an alcoholic drink that evokes strong associations. These are Mexican landscapes, cacti, men in sombreros, and other elements of that culture. The drink is also associated with the famous method of its consumption. All of these elements can be reflected in a tequila logo. Given the traditionality of the drink and its recipe, many manufacturers concentrate the identity around the usual elements. After all, tequila buyers appreciate the exoticism of a product that has appeared relatively recently in our territories.

Who uses it?

Olmeca uses a logo directly associated with the name of tequila. This is a traditional symbol of the Olmeca tribe, which lived in Mexico. The Messicano logo shows a character – a farmer cultivating a plantation. Drawn in a classic style, it emphasizes the inviolability of the drink. Elite Sierra tequila is complemented by a minimalist symbol – a Mexican sombrero. Patron tequila’s style is emphasized by a stylized image of a bee. It provides a direct association with the production method: Most of the processes for creating this product are carried out manually.

Which elements to choose?

Most tequila manufacturers use alphanumeric logos. They look good on the product label, attract attention, and are easy to remember. Traditional drinks are branded with emblems and images that are full of details. New products (as well as the famous types of tequila after rebranding) are distinguished by minimalism. For example, this can be a unique font, complemented by a simple visual element. It may be a sombrero, a cactus, or another symbol that evokes associations with Mexican culture.

Which colors to choose?

The traditional colors for a tequila logo are yellow, gold, brown, saturated green, and red. Bright colors emphasize the “mood” of the product: a distinctive acrid taste and the general strong impression of its use. The fact that tequila recipes are often supplemented with various flavors, can be reflected in the color of the logo. For example, add a chocolate-colored logo to a chocolate-flavored beverage label, etc. The trend is also the color of a lemon: an important attribute of tequila drinking.

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