General recommendations

Steak is a traditional dish with a long history. Great Britain is regarded as its “homeland.” However, steak became massively popular in the USA, and globalization made it popular in European countries. Demand has activated the business. Now, a logo with a steak is relevant for at least two areas: the branding of ready-to-cook meat products (for example, raw steaks) or the development of the identity of specialized establishments (grill bars, snack bars, restaurants, etc.).

Who uses it?

Brothers Butchers company, which sells ready-to-cook meat for steaks, has a logo in the form of a bull symbol. The head of this animal is also depicted on the Rio Grand Steakhouse logo. In its corporate symbol, Steak on Fire combines the silhouette of a steak, which at the same time resembles the outline of a flame. Thus, the creators emphasize the method of cooking meat. The logo for the Steak Brasil restaurant is as realistic as possible: Fried meat is portrayed so naturally that when you look at it, you literally start drooling.

Which elements to choose?

A logo with steak is quite expressive. Hundreds of years of history have made it possible to create a recognizable symbol for the steak image (we are talking about a piece of beef with distinctive fibers or with stripes that the grill leaves on the meat surface). You can make this symbol central, or you can combine it with other symbols: barbecue, fire, smoke (steam), images of a cow or a bull, cutlery, etc. The specific set of elements depends on the specifics of the brand or the products being promoted.

Which colors to choose?

There are two general recommendations for the color of a logo with a steak. If raw steak is shown, use a combination of red, pink, and white. For a logo with cooked steak, you will need rich shades of brown. Most brands adhere to this color scheme, as it is quite familiar to the audience. However, if the style of branding requires other solutions, they are quite applicable. For example, minimalist concepts with a combination of black and white are common.

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