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Soup is not just a concoction of meat and bones combined with vegetables and herbs. Soups are included on the menus of the best restaurants in the world and are admired by gourmets. Many recipes have become the calling cards of different countries. Today, this dish has experienced a new wave of popularity because it can be part of a healthy diet. Given all of the above, brands that have chosen soup as the central part of their logo can easily attract the attention of the right target audience. The main thing is to get your perfect recipe.

Who uses it?

SwiftSoup cross-platform library developers ironically highlighted the name in its logo: a steaming bowl of soup became the symbol of the IT product. In the logo of the marketing company Soup Agency, the large bowl is reminiscent of the letter “U”. The brand sign for the Soup Sisters charity is a bowl of this dish. Steam comes out of it in the shape of a heart, emphasizing the thematic purpose. A bowl of hot soup and two sticks is the logo of The Soup institution, located in Turkey.

Which elements to choose?

A logo with soup is formed based on the concept of a promoted product or brand. The traditional option for the logo is the image of kitchen utensils – pots, pans, soup ladles, and soup cups. If you need to focus on the composition of the product, choose images of its components (vegetables, meat, etc.) for the logo. If there is no way to concentrate on something specific, it is worth choosing a text logo option. If the brand name contains the word “soup,” its derivatives, or the specific names of this dish, it will be enough to choose the appropriate font and color scheme.

Which colors to choose?

You can choose colors that stimulate the appetite for a logo with soup (especially when it belongs to a brand associated with food). This range includes red and orange (stimulates hunger), yellow (the most popular color for branding fast food), beige and brown (relaxation, promotes the quiet absorption of food), and green (activates digestion). While choosing colors, you can focus on the specific type of soup: Red is strongly associated with tomato soups, while yellow and white are associated with broths with noodles, and orange is associated with pumpkin. You can also focus on the general color scheme of the brand. However, experts advise avoiding blue, as it subconsciously suppresses the appetite; therefore, it is not suitable for branding cooked food products.

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