Symbolic meaning

In many cultures, the pineapple symbolizes success and prosperity. Thanks to the traditions of the American Indians, it began to be associated with hospitality. The appearance, color, and taste of the fruit “rooted,” in people’s minds, a stable emotional connection to the holiday, cheerfulness, and fun. In summary, the pineapple is a very attractive image that can be transferred to your brand with the help of a logo. By the way, it will be universal: It is suitable for both an entertainment center and a financial company. Indeed, you can develop fresh ideas and make juicy suggestions in any field!

Who uses it?

Pineapple Capital Group has chosen a minimalist but precisely drawn image of a pineapple for its logo. The Pineapple Tech logo uses abstract symbolism. Despite the abstraction, the image is easily associated with the fruit. A pineapple ring, which at the same time is the top of a luminous bulb, is an original corporate sign of the AforPineapple event company. The image of the fruit in the logo for The Pineapple Academy was drawn in detail, using a large number of triangles as its base.

Which colors to choose?

The pineapple logo is most often depicted in the classic color scheme of this fruit. The outer segments (scales) are dark brown with black splits. Green, yellow-green, and yellow hues are used for the upper bunch of leaves. Apply saturated light yellow to the inner part of the fruit. If the brand identity requires other color schemes, do not deny yourself the pleasure of experimenting. In this case, for better identification, the pineapple can be drawn in more detail or supplemented with text (if the word “pineapple” is used in the brand name).

Which fonts to choose?

If the logo with the pineapple contains text, you can focus on the contrast (a bright image and neutral font). For brands working in the niche of entertainment or trading, you can try custom fonts: They emphasize creativity and a fresh approach. In this case, when the logo is exclusively textual, you can apply stylization: Paint the letters in the natural colors of a pineapple. This will create the appropriate associations among the audience. In general, the symbolic meaning of the fruit creates a great scope for imagination, so there are no strict restrictions in the font choice. However, they should correspond to the key semantic meaning of the trademark.

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