Symbolic meaning

In the logo, a pie evokes a pleasant association with a traditional treat. However, if you must develop a logo specifically for the pie, you can use other elements as a central symbol. This can be a character (a grandmother or a baker) or an abstract element resembling a dish. The goal of symbolism is to create a positive impression. The audience should be “drooling,” which is extremely important for the identity of any food product, as well as a bakery or catering establishment.

Who uses it?

First, we need to mention the logo of MoonPie, a traditional American product. The brand name is round (resembling the shape of a pie), and part of the composition is a crescent. The Pie Face company uses the symbol of a smiling cake in the text logo, placing it in the letter "a." The pie itself can be a central symbol of brands that are far from cooking. For example, the logo of the music brand Music Cake is a combination of a plate and cake images. The brand name of The PIE Weekly newsletter resembles a cut pie.

Which elements to choose?

The choice depends on what exactly needs to be branded – a pie as a product, a culinary brand, or an institution. If we are talking about a product, it is necessary to emphasize its taste, especially the taste of its filling. You can also focus on a national color. A company that specializes in baking pies can choose a character for its logo. A pie in the logo of a catering establishment can emphasize the features of the menu (for example, a pie with a “cherry” for a coffee shop or a “meat pie” for a snack bar).

Which colors to choose?

The color scheme of the pie logo should complement the general associated series, as well as evoke pleasant emotions and appetites. Therefore, traditional baking colors are popular: saturated yellow, gold, and brown. Red shades are often chosen for the image of the pie filling. If the cake is presented in the form of a schematic image or abstraction, any solution will do: for example, black lines on a white background. Minimalism is now the trend, so it’s better to choose a minimum of shades for the logo: two to three colors or gradient transitions.

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