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Symbolic meaning

Traditionally, a pear symbolizes longevity, due to the vitality and endurance of the tree. Another association is beauty. In many cultures, the fruit embodies love, motherhood, loyalty, and femininity. In a modern logo with a pear, you can embody traditional ideas or give them new meanings. The only thing that is not recommended is to contrast the logo with the well-known symbol of a bitten apple. The Apple brand reacts very forcefully to such attempts, considering them plagiarism.

Craft Beer Coffee Logo
Black Pear Joggers Logo
Global-Pear Logo
Green Pear Logo

Pear Deck Logo

Who uses it?

The logo of the Pear Deck company, which produces educational technology, is a concise picture of a smiling pear. You get the sense that a child drew it. Given the specialization of the brand, this is a perfectly justified decision. The logo of the IT brand Pear.PHP depicts a silhouette of the fruit on a green background. The image of a pear made up of “bricks” or “molecules” is a trademark of the biotechnological company Pear Therapeutics. The Pear Coaches logo combines the silhouette of a pear and a pie chart. It hints at the significant results that the company's customers will have.

Php Pear Logo
Pear Pherapeutics Logo
Pear Coaches Logo

Which elements to choose?

The pear is a world-famous fruit. This provides room for imagination when designing a logo. It is not necessary to draw a pear with photographic accuracy: It is enough to indicate the outline or at least an abstract hint of it. For example, draw a curve denoting half of the fruit and a leaf. The other way is to use two dots of different diameters resembling the shape of a pear. This approach allows you to create a logo that matches the brand identity. Any style is possible. This makes the symbol universal for different market niches.

The Trend Pear logo
Happy Pear Logo
Orange Pear Logo
Pear Africa Logo

USA Pears Logo

Which colors to choose?

You can choose any color scheme that matches the style of the brand for a logo with a pear. The reason is the same – character recognition, which does not require strict binding to a specific color. Therefore, the standard hues (green, yellow), the use of black to indicate the contour, and any other basic colors or shades are allowed. It is important to analyze the market and not repeat the solutions used by other brands. This will create a unique logo that matches the brand’s key semantic meaning.

Peartree Impressions Logo
The Prickly Pear Bakery Logo
Woven Pear Logo

How to create a pear logo?

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Green Pear Logaster logo
Eco Food Logaster logo
Fruit Delta Logaster logo
Grusha Agency Logaster logo
Not an Apple Logaster logo
Pear Logaster logo
Pear Smoothie Logaster logo
Pear Sound Logaster logo
Pr Company Logaster logo
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