Symbolic meaning

In the cultures of different nations, the mushroom symbolizes immortality, happiness, longevity, and peace. The mushroom logo is suitable mainly for companies that are directly related to the production (cultivation), processing, and cooking of dishes made using this product. In modern business, there are few examples of the use of an indirectly interpreted mushroom image. Therefore, farms, shops, industry events, and catering establishments brand a logo with a recognizable mushroom image.

Who uses it?

Two mushroom silhouettes with caps in the brand color are depicted on the logo of the Mushroom Remedy company. A simple drawing with a thin line and no shades is in the Australian company Mushroom Group’s corporate sign. The manufacturer Mushroom Revival depicts a mushroom in the cross-section on its logo. The Mushrooms Coffee brand has an unusual corporate sign. At first glance, it is a mushroom. But if you look in detail, you can see the silhouette of a cup with hot steam above it. A detailed mushroom drawing was created for the logo of Mushroom Marketing & PR.

Which elements to choose?

The mushroom has a recognizable shape that perfectly identifies the product. Therefore, when developing a logo with mushrooms, you can freely use abstract and symbolic images. It is enough to draw a stalk and a cap (even with simple lines); the audience will easily evoke the necessary association. You can also use the exact image: a photo or detailed drawing to emphasize the quality of the product. Institutions using mushroom symbols in logos often turn them into characters.

Which colors to choose?

A logo with mushrooms can be developed without being particularly limited in the choice of color. The classic palette includes shades of white, brown, black, and gray, as well as green (for backgrounds). Recognition of the symbol allows you to create your own decisions using any shades that match the style of the brand. Therefore, both monochrome options and full-color detailed images filled with gradients and colors are allowed. However, you should keep in mind that minimalism and simplicity are the trends in a modern logo. So, it is better to choose one to three primary colors for a logo with mushrooms.

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