General information

Meat is one of the main products of human consumption. A logo with meat is suitable for brands that sell meat products or that are engaged in their production or preparation. A meat logo can be used by manufacturers of ready-to-cook products and sausages, butcher shops, and gastronomic establishments. It is possible to use a logo with meat in an allegorical sense if the features of the brand promotion justify such a decision. The product image on the logo is well recognized – it attracts customers and works well for the business.

Who uses it?

Most companies operating in the niche of meat production and sales, as well as meat products, use animal images in their logos. For example, the head of a cow is depicted on the Campbells Meat logo. The symbol of AGRO MEAT is the silhouette of a cow, while the silhouette of a bull is used as a symbol of the Nice to Meat brand. Drawings of a cow and a pig, as if located on the screen of a tablet computer, are depicted on the Meat B2B logo. There are exceptions; for example, the Chicago Meat Authority logo shows a worker cutting a large ham.

Which elements to choose?

A logo with meat is created using traditional elements. These are recognizable forms – cut meat, chicken legs, etc. It can also include images of finished products, for example, steaks or sausages. The use of animal silhouettes is popular. To make your logo truly unique, you will have to think a little. The classic tricks described above are a win-win. However, original ideas will quickly attract attention. Unexpected animal images with a character that emphasizes the brand’s philosophy, or company symbols, as well as allusions to famous personalities, will be a great choice. Let your logo “speak” for itself!

Which colors to choose?

First, the expected classic colors are chosen for a logo with meat: red, pink, and white. If the logo depicts a cooked meat product, the color scheme of the symbol can repeat an appetizing color: for example, rich brown for fried meat. If the silhouette is depicted on the logo, you can apply other colors that correspond to the general brand identity. Yellow and orange colors are allowed – they can symbolize the fire needed to prepare a juicy, flavorful piece of meat. Some brands choose classic black and white, which corresponds with the modern desire for minimalism.

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