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General information

Liquor is a classic alcoholic drink. Most manufacturers of this product are traditional companies with a long history. Therefore, liquor logos often include the historical values ​​of the brands and countries where they were founded. In addition, many liquors are valued for their “medicinal” properties, dictated by a special recipe. This factor is also reflected in the product logo. New brands can take traditions into account or take the “opposite” approach – creating logos that do not resemble the symbols of famous brands.

Bramble Gin Liqueur Logo
Barenjager Logo
Celtic Honey Logo
Clareys Logo

Jagermeister Logo

Who uses it?

The logo of Grand Marnier Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire liquors is a classic European coat of arms reminiscent of the family symbolism of aristocrats. The logo of the Sovrano Limoncello drink is interrelated with its name: it has five lemons with several leaves. One of the best liquors in the world, Jägermeister is known for its logo in the form of a deer head and a cross between its horns. This is a reference to the patron saint of hunters, known in German culture. Campari liqueur has a letter logo: a name written in a distinctive, recognizable font.

Grand-Marnier Logo
Sovrano Limoncello Logo
Campari Logo

Which elements to choose?

Conventionally, liquor logos can be divided into symbolic and letter ones. They are equally in demand among manufacturers. Many use a combination of recognizable brand spelling and symbols that create a single visual solution for the label. For a letter logo, it is important to choose a recognizable font. You can emphasize the traditional recipes by picking a classic serif font. As for the symbol, it can be based on the nationality of the product, the “healing” properties, the special recipe, and the unique benefits of liquor.

StG logo
Cointreau Logo
Frangelico Logo
Miasa Logo

Fiorente Logo

Which colors to choose?

If we analyze the well-known liquor logos, we find that a lot of colors are used: from dark saturated shades to bright ones. There is a trend: The more traditional the brand, the richer the colors of its logo. New products can choose bright colors as opposed to classic ones. This will also symbolize a new, fresh look at liquor production. In addition, well-known brands try to lighten and minimize the burden of their logo in the process of rebranding. In general, the trend remains that the color of the logo corresponds to the color of the drink. This is not a requirement, but it is frequently used.

Peachtree Logo
Thirsty Liquor Logo
Twin Logo

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