Symbolic meaning

Kiwi fruit is highly valued in many cultures of the world, especially in China, New Zealand, and Italy. In these countries, kiwi is similar to a sacred fruit. Kiwi can be associated with health, generosity, well-being, kindness, and openness. Kiwi also symbolizes luck, youth, energy, strength, and unity with nature. Given these factors, a logo with kiwi can be chosen by brands that work in the niches of creativity, healthcare, and services. This symbol can also be used by brand companies in the IT sector or organizations working in the fruit supply market.

Who uses it?

The Internet marketing company known as Kiwi Agency uses a stylization reminiscent of the fruit in the cross-section as a logo. A similar idea was implemented for the KiWi Gruppen corporate sign. However, at the same time, the symbol resembles the sun. The marketing agency Kiwi Creative used an unusual picture of a kiwi half, looking like a blot, as its logo. A company with the same name specializes in design services. Its logo is also built on the visualized symbol of the fruit half.

Which colors to choose?

The kiwi logo is most often rendered in the natural colors of the fruit. The flesh is white-green, with a hint of yellow and small black seeds. However, at the same time, the recognition of the fruit allows you to use any combination of colors and shades for it. So, you can emphasize the non-standard brand. The current trend is the simplification of branding. Therefore, it is recommended to use one to three colors for the logo. Gradients are also allowed. The kiwi logo must retain its sense of recognition in different ways: colored and black-and-white (for example, on company letterheads).

Which fonts to choose?

If you decide to make the kiwi logo bright, you can use a neutral sans-serif font for contrast. In cases in which the logo is completely textual, the font can be supplemented with the typical colors of the fruit. In addition, this will help avoid associations with the bird of the same name. You can also use thin serif fonts; visually, they harmonize with the image of a kiwi. However, you can try rarely used, unusual fonts because kiwi is an exotic fruit. As always, everything should be consistent with your brand philosophy and concept.

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