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Symbolic meaning

For several centuries, grapes have been associated with life, abundance, fertility, and, of course, wine. In the cultures of many countries, grapes represent wealth and peace. Therefore, a logo with grapes has a positive value, which is extremely important for brand promotion. A logo with the image of a bunch of grapes is most often used by wine producers, companies operating in a niche of sales, and agricultural firms. Given the associative meaning of the symbol, it can be used by other brands whose activities are not directly related to grapes.

Grapeocean Technologies Logo
Grape Britannia Logo
Grape Nuts Wine Club Logo
Grape Soda Logo

Grapetech Logo

Who uses it?

Three combined circles and leaf silhouette: Grape Technology has just such a straightforward logo. Despite its simplicity, it is immediately associated with a bunch of berries. A similar option was created for the Grape People Finland brand, though here the berries are depicted in the form of concise semicircles. The alcohol brand GRAPE OFF has an unusual logo: a combination of characters and letters with a bunch of grapes in the center. UberGrape's Grape corporate sign is a drawn bunch of grapes.

Grape People Logo
Grape Off Logo
UberGrape Logo

Which colors to choose?

A logo with grapes in the classical sense is depicted in a distinctive color scheme: with shades of green, saturated blue, purple, etc. The traditional color of the logo is universal: It is suitable for branding wine, as well as for a company that is not directly related to this fruit. If the name of the company contains the word “grapes,” you can create a text logo by selecting recognizable grape gradients for the letters. When combining symbols and text in the logo, contrasts are allowed: a neutral color for letters and a bright image of berries.

Grapes From California logo
Grape Tree Logo
Grapevine Vineyard Logo
Naked Grape Logo

Olive Garden Logo

Which elements to choose?

The most common grape logo solution is a bunch of grapes. A triangular shape with round berries is well recognized even if it is schematic. Therefore, such a logo can be created both in traditional and modern styles (that is, with a detailed accurate depiction and marks). It is not necessary to stick to the bunch of grapes: The special form of grape leaves is also well recognized. They are often used by agricultural companies, plant nurseries, and similar companies, as they correspond to the key semantic meaning of the trademark.

Zeka Logo
Sati Grape Industry Logo
Welchs Grape Soda Logo

How to create a grapes logo?

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Vineyard Logaster logo
Aqua Grapes Logaster logo
Funny Ferroir Logaster logo
Grape Logaster logo
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Somillier Logaster logo
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