General information

Filled with energy, fruit logos create pleasant associations and revive memories about hot sunny days. They inspire, give creative strengths, and provoke appetite.

What industries use?

Fruit-related logos are popular among a wide range of businesses involved in food production, such as farms, grocery stores, juice bars, restaurants, and cafés.

What companies use?

If you have nothing to do with fruit, don’t let that stop you from placing it on your logo! Due to their multi-layered meanings, fruit images will fit any firm that wants to communicate sincerity, integrity, creativity, and joy. Tutti Frutti is promoting its premium-quality frozen yogurt with not one, not two, but three fruits on its logo! Orchard Dale Fruit, an American wholesale fruit supplier, has outstripped the Spanish brand by placing four different fruits (and berries) on its colorful emblem! The more fruits, the better!

How to choose the right colors?

Just like any other design, it must be clean and straightforward. Also, it must reflect the company’s mission, regardless of its specialization. A fruit logo is a great way to show that you are going green and using environmentally friendly business practices. Crafting a fruit emblem is an ideal opportunity to play around with saturated, eye-grabbing shades. Few people know that the famous Apple logo used to be multi-colored, with six shades standing for the groundbreaking color displays manufactured by the tech brand.

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