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Nowadays, businesses finally realize the importance of clever branding. Farming businesses are not an exception. An original emblem is a surefire way to distinguish yourself in a highly competitive market. In addition to being unique, your logo must be eye-catching and easy to recognize across different carriers. This is why it’s so important to think about branding at the very start.

What companies use?

The Stine Seed agriculture company uses an eloquent and visually simple logo design. On it, you can see a green sprout inside a green circle. There is nothing better than a minimalist emblem! The black and white logo used by Farm Boy Company features a farmer boy, with his hands full of vegetables and fruits. Farm Fresh Produce has a combination mark with the images of the sun and plants. One of the best things about this emblem is a smart choice of fonts.

How to choose the right elements?

For your ranch logo, use the images of vegetables, fruits, corn, field, domestic animals, tractor, poultry, dairy products etc. Milk farms tend to use the images of a cow, milk jar, cheese, and the like. Your choice of an icon depends on what you’re producing and what message you want to send to your audience. When choosing a palette for your farm logo, the most logical thing to do is to draw inspiration from nature. Farming business opt for shades of green, brown, orange and yellow. Those are natural, organic colors that go in line with your industry. The majority of farm owners are not fans of mass produced fruits and vegetables. Use this to your benefit and promote your ranch as an eco-friendly business that produces healthy and delicious food.

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