Major tips

If your company produces sweets, we recommend that you choose a dessert logo to communicate the essence of your brand. This logo will look good in any context, such as on a signboard for a café or on a bakery, bags, trucks, etc.

How to choose the right elements?

Food-related businesses use all kinds of desserts in their logos including mouth-watering cookies, juicy fruits, sweets, and other delicious things. It’s not uncommon for designers to use images of kitchen utensils (spoon, rolling pin, whisk, etc.).

How to choose the right colors?

For a dessert logo, choose muted shades that are pleasing to look at. Associated with delicacy and softness, pink is a great choice for a dessert emblem. By choosing pink, you’re sure to conquer the hearts of the feminine part of your audience. Also, you can use orange to attract attention and communicate an optimistic message. If you want to emphasize the eco-friendliness of your ingredients, choose the color brown. Brown also conveys feelings of trust and stability, which is very important for any brand, especially a young one.

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