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Who doesn’t love bonbons, those delicious, colorful pieces of happiness? Knowing their customers’ weakness, sweets manufacturers put bonbons on their logos to promote their brand and attract the attention of both kids and adults. And you know what? It totally works!

Chupa Chups Logo
Candy Buffet Logo
Candy Confeitaria Gourmet Logo
Skittles Logo

Lollipop Logo

How to choose the right colors?

However, an image of bonbons alone is not enough to grab the attention of picky customers. You also need bold, saturated colors, such as yellow, gold, green, light blue, and pink. If you are looking for something unconventional, try mixing black and orange. It’s a stylish, eye-pleasing color combination that is sure to put your brand in the spotlight. It might be a good idea to play around with brown, black, and red. Those are versatile options that work well with a variety of shades. If milk is one of your main ingredients, you can’t go wrong with a white logo.

Crafty Candy Logo
Sweetarts Logo
Bonbon Ice-cream Logo

How to choose the right elements?

As for icons, you must choose an image that will present your products in the best light possible. Focus on fairy-tale characters (kids love them!), as well as delicious foods (berries, nuts, cocoa beans, etc.).

Raffaello Logo
P And M Logo
Reeses Logo
Candy Com Logo

How do I create a bonbon logo for my brand?

Click “Create” and watch Logaster work magic! In a couple of minutes, Logaster will generate hundreds of custom logos for your industry. Select your favorite design, edit it as you like, and download it in the right format.

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Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

Sugar Free Logaster Logo
Cappuccino Logaster Logo
Caramel Cane Logaster Logo
Carob Sweets Logaster Logo
Chocolate Truffle Logaster Logo
Marzipan Logaster Logo
Sweets Logaster Logo
Organic Lollipops Logaster Logo
Squirrel Logaster Logo
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