Symbolic meaning

A banana symbolizes natural energy, strength, love, and positive emotions. The bright color creates a strong positive association – an allusion to sunlight. The sweet taste of the fruit and its exoticness provide positive emotions when one looks at the image of a banana. The banana logo is suitable for companies that grow and supply this fruit. If you focus on the associative series, a logo with the image of this fruit is suitable for tour operators, designers, advertising agencies, entertainment venues, and other business niches.

Who uses it?

The logo of the Chiquita Banana brand shows a girl carrying a basket of sweet fruit on her head. The logo of the online BananaTV channel is a banana divided into two halves; on the one half is a symbol of the viewer, while on the other is a screen. For its logo, the Polish company Banana Smile, which specializes in festive decor, uses the portrait of a happy child whose smile resembles a contour of a banana. This allows the company to show its brand name and specialization in the logo. The Banana Moon Day Nursery franchise combines the image of a fruit and a crescent in its logo. The result is a drawing of a cheerful character.

General recommendations

A banana logo evokes positive associations. It is equally suited to an important company specializing in this fruit, a cafeteria, or an IT brand. You can depict the features of this fruit’s color, taste, and shape (for example, a banana in a horizontal position resembles a smile) in the logo. The fruit can also be turned into a character: It’s enough to use elements that “revive” it (eyes, mouth, limbs, etc.). To make the logo unique, combine the image of a banana with other symbols and details. Various options for the fruit’s appearance are used: whole, half-peeled, cut, etc. As for the color, traditional yellow shades are mainly used for the banana logo.

Which elements to choose?

Thanks to its recognizable shape, it is easy to portray a logo with a banana. If the brand identity does not imply the use of a detailed symbol, you can draw a banana schematically – for example, repeating its shape with a contour. Minimalism is the modern trend in logos. Therefore, symbolic images are welcome, without detailed drawing and with a simple color scheme (a single color or primary color with halftones). Contrast solutions look good; an accented bright logo with a banana and a neutral text part with the name of the brand or company correspond to the key semantic meaning of the trademark.

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