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Symbolic meaning

Logos with avocados are a trend among brand emblems in recent years. One of the reasons is that the avocado is an exotic fruit with an unusual shape and a non-standard taste. It symbolizes a new approach, a fresh look at traditional things. The avocado is hard on the outside and very soft on the inside. This also makes sense – for example, the desire to change the world, to develop, and to solve unusual tasks in a non-standard way. Therefore, logos with avocados can be safely used not only by catering establishments and fruit sellers, but also by producers, public organizations, eco-brands, organizers of cultural events, and many others.

Avolov Logo
Avocado Factory Bali Logo
Avocado Grocery Logo
Avocado Juice Logo

Avocado Vision Logo

Who uses it?

The logo of the Avocado Technology IT company resembles the fruit of the same name, only from a distance: The futuristic symbol perfectly reflects the specialization of the brand. The social project Avocado Vision uses the outline of the fruit with a sprout (symbol of life) in the central part of its logo. The Avocado Consulting brand name resembles a fruit in a cross-section. To achieve the right associations, the company uses the natural color scheme of the fruit. The silhouette of the fruit replaces the letter “O” in the combined logo of the Avocado Packing Company.

Avocado Technology Logo
Avocado Consulting Logo
Avocado acking Company Logo

Which colors to choose?

Given the popularity of avocados, applying the exact image of the fruit to the logo is already too trivial: Many brands have done so. Therefore, use stylization for the logo. Use the classic color scheme for the logo design to associate it with avocados: shades of saturated green with a purple tint for the outside and light green, yellow, and brown for the inside. If the avocado image is schematic and complemented by the same brand name, the color palette may be wider. You can also create only a text logo by applying recognizable avocado color gradients to the font.

Avocado logo
Avocado Man Logo
Avocado Maxican Grill Logo
Suavo Avocado Logo

California Avocado Logo

Which elements to choose?

The avocado has a distinctive shape and a special color scheme for the outer part, while the flesh has a large stone inside it. If you analyze logos with avocados, you will notice that most of them depict fruit in a cross-section. Recognizable elements make it possible to apply a schematic approach: for example, draw only the outer contour and the stone in the center. The humanization of the fruit is popular: You can turn an avocado into a pretty character. This approach is often chosen for entertainment brands and cultural events because it corresponds to the key semantic meaning of the trademark.

Avocado Organic House Logo
Fresh Avocado Logo
Nuts Avocado Logo

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Green Land Logaster logo
Avocado Logaster logo
Avocadocafe Logaster logo
Avocadocave Logaster logo
Avocado Logaster logo
Avocados Logaster logo
Big Seed Logaster logo
Fresh Avocado Logaster logo
Guacamole Logaster logo
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