Symbolic meaning

An apple is one of the oldest symbols. It is present in almost every culture. Therefore, the symbolic meaning is wide: from allusions to the sun to the display of concepts such as love or family. There are also several strong associations with the fruit: the biblical apple or the fruit that helped Newton. Any value can be implied in a logo with an apple: associations will always be positive. Another feature is recognition. The audience will recognize the apple, even if it is drawn schematically, with free strokes.

Who uses it?

The most famous example is the bitten apple of the Apple logo. The semantic meaning is a direct association with “Newton’s” apple. The company made the apple “bitten” to distinguish it from others. The green apple is the logo of Apple Corps, founded by The Beatles. Now the rights to it have been bought by Apple. Dental equipment manufacturer Apple-Dental took a similar approach: The logo combines the symbols of an apple and a tooth.

General recommendations

An apple logo is suitable for a brand operating in any niche: from services to production, from creativity to the introduction of technical innovations. The versatility of the symbol allows you to associate it with any value or any brand history. It is important to not try to copy the symbolism of a bitten apple, as the owner of this logo strictly protects copyrights. However, there are no barriers to other stylizations. Everything is allowed – from a completely familiar image of the fruit to various semantic associations and abstractions.

Which colors to choose?

You can choose the usual colors (shades of red and green) for a logo with an apple. However, in general, for a universal symbol, you can apply any color that is consistent with the accepted brand identity. Unusual color combinations are allowed. They are appropriate due to the general recognition of the symbol. A very important thing is that the logo prevalence requires verification. For example, copyrights for the images of green and multi-colored apples are reserved. However, you can always use a different shade or unique gradients.

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